Cutting and Sawing

Splitting saw

Splitting saws are used to split rounded logs into two halves. This machine is available in two sizes, for logs up to 140 mm and 200 mm. It’s even possible to add some tool for a kind of profiling-like chamfer.

Automatic saw

With this programmable saw, much more can be cut than with a normal cutting saw. Accuracy is +-0.5 mm. After placing the product in the saw, the cut offs will be made automatically to the length selected on the display. The saw can also be part of a complete production line, with an automatically loading and unloading system.

Cross Cutting Saw

The powerful Bezner – Oswald cross-cut saw for wood flooring is used e.g. to cross-cut round or square logs with diameters or side-lengths from 60 to 200 mm. The machine has an output of up to 3000 units per hour. Once the logs have been loaded into the 10 charging holes of the rotary magazine, subsequent processing takes place automatically. An integrated conveyor belt then feeds the logs into a storage container.