WP 35 Post peeler

The post peeler is designed for the clean peeling of different kinds of roundwood with diameters between 4 and 20 cm and between 0.7 and 6 m in length. The mаchine can be operated manually, or completely automatic integrated in a peeling line.


The Pole Peeling Machine FML peels in single pass rods and poles between 8 and 40 cm diameter and a minimum length of 4 m, by means of 8 spiral milling cutters gimbal-mounted in 2 peeling heads. The spiral peeling knives of the milling cutter cut over the rotating wood in the fibers’ direction and, even with dry wood, peels through knots, butt swellings, and similar difficult log parts, leaving them splinter-proof and smooth.

Fast Peeler RSA

The Fast Peelers are machines equipped with simple peeling discs for the clean-peeling discs of posts and stakes by hand. Fast peelers RSA 1 are available with a cutter disc for the adjustment of the cutters in the machine, or with a cutter disc with carrier plates which enables the adjustment of the cutters outside the machine, thus enabling a considerably quicker and more accurate exchange of cutters. These Fast Peelers are used in cases where posts and palisades must occasionally be peeled, and for the recleaning and pointing of logs up to a diameter of 12 cm. Fast Peelers RSA II are equipped with a larger peeling disc and a more powerful driving motor. Due to the increased inertia of the peeling disc and increased driving power, it is possible to manually peel, point, or chamfer logs up to a diameter of approx. 25 cm.