Wood processing machines

Technology for forest wood, timber industries and sawmills

Wood is a material that has been used in, for, and by many industries and households all over the world for centuries. A natural resource provided by mother nature. Free of charge. However, harvesting, transportation, and wood processing are economic factors that make wood an expensive resource. Aside from this financial perspective, we also need to treat it with the utmost respect, making sure not to harm the environment.

Wood working machines

If you are a company that processes forest wood, you can relate to the need for wood working machines to be robust, efficient, and low in maintenance. That is precisely what we at Bezner-Oswald have been supplying our customers for more than a century. Not just single unit machines, but complete wood and timber or lumber processing installations. We think of ourselves as a company offering solutions rather than machines. That is why we are partners of the largest sawmill industries on the globe.

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