Rounding and profiling machine for instant roundwood production

Industrial woodworking machinery comes in all shapes and sizes. For instant roundwood production, a combination machine is ideal. Bezner-Oswald offers a combined rounding and profiling machine named RFMP.

Generally spoken, the rounding and profiling machines consist of one rounding head and one milling station. The milling heads can be positioned to your choice in height. Just like the profiling machine nearly all types of profiles can be made when changing the profile cutters. The first head rounds the wood and the second head provides a different profile.

Please contact us for a customized solution. We will gladly think along with your production process to design a tailor-made machine that fits your needs.

Rounding and profiling machine        Rounding and profiling machine Bezner-Oswald        Wood rounding and profiling machine manufacturer

Wood rounding and profiling machine manufacturer