The horizontal screening machine is a unit to invest in for fractioning sawmill residues such as shavings, sawdust, and wood chips. Economic and environmental factors increase the demand for these residues turning them into semi-finished materials for the wood-pulp industry. To illustrate, think of production facilities of panelboards, MDF, and paper.

Screens separate materials based on the difference in particle size. The ultimate residue recycling occurs when you can offer clean material. This entails materials of the same particle size in one batch without any contaminations like pins, bolts, nails, etc.

The screen machine Bezner-Oswald supplies, can separate sliced particles, sawdust or wood chips into several fractions (maximum 6) during a single pass. Dust is the first fraction (fines), while the most coarse materials are separated at the end of the screening process. Bezner was the first sawmill machinery manufacturer to include a swinging element in their screens. This element provides a steady and nearly noiseless separation.

Advantages of the Bezner-Oswald screening machines include:

  • over one century of experience in designing and manufacturing screens for the timber industry
  • swinging element for steady and quiet screening
  • durable and robust construction
  • easy to operate and low maintenance
  • optional sprinkler system for fire protection
  • optional beat-ball cleaning system

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