Wood peelers for debarking posts and poles

For peeling and debarking roundwood, Bezner-Oswald designs and manufactures log and pole peelers for various dimensions. This type of forestry machinery can be customized to your requirements and provided with manual or automatic controls.

Post Peeler WP 35

The post peeler WP 35 is designed to handle roundwood with a diameter between 4 and 20 cm and a length between 0.7 and 6 meters. At your request, we manufacture the WP 35 as a manually operated machine or completely automatic integrated into a full peeling line.

Pole Peeler FML

Still a single pass of rods and poles, but the Pole peeling machine FML handles roundwood with a diameter between 8 and 40 cm. The minimum length is 4 meters. The 8 spiral milling cutters gimbal-mounted in 2 peeling heads cut over the rotating wood in the fibers’ direction. The strong log debarking machine cuts through knots, butt swellings, and other difficult log parts. This results, even with dry wood, in splinter-proof and smooth poles.

Fast Peeler RSA I & II

Fast peeling machines are equipped with simple peeling discs for clean debarking of posts and stakes by hand. Bezner Oswald offers 2 types of fast peelers.

Fast Peeler RSA I

This type is designed with either a cutter disc to adjust the cutters in the machine or with carrier plates to adjust the cutters outside the machine. The last version offers a quick and accurate method of changing the cutters. The RSA I is commonly used for the occasional peeling of posts and palisades and for recleaning and pointing logs up to 12 cm in diameter.

Fast Peeler RSA II

This type is designed with a larger peeling disc and a stronger driving power. With the RSA II, you can manually peel, point or chamfer roundwood up to 25 cm in diameter.

Please contact us with any questions about peeling or debarking of poles, posts, or other roundwood. We gladly share our solutions with you.

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