Chamfering and pointing machine

To chamfer and point your roundwood, Bezner-Oswald supplies a wide variety of machines. You can choose from manually operated, semi-automatic to full-automatic with CNC controlled machines. Apart from the manually operated versions, your machine can be tailored to produce either square or round points and chamfered edges.

The frame consists of a sturdy welded construction, while the entire chamfering unit is mounted on pneumatic cylinders. The pointing and chamfering section includes of a fixed chain track with peeling rocker. First, the wood is pointed after which is proceeds via a wheeled track with a chamfering unit.

A slip-on geared motor flanged to the housing of the motor rocker drives the peeling disk of the sharpening station. On the peeling disc, 6 knife holders with knives are mounted at a 60 ° angle polar. The planar surface of the peeling disc is milled according to the knife arrangement at a 40 ° angle to the axis of rotation. After each sharpening section, the roundwood is rotated at 90 ° through motor-driven friction wheel.

We have many options to choose from. Please contact us with your requirements, so that we can think along. We gladly design a post pointer machine that fits your needs.

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