Machines for timber, lumber, logs, and roundwood

On our next page, you can browse through the range of machines Bezner Oswald designs and manu-factures. We have been supplying our clients, for instance sawmills, in the roundwood, timber, lum-ber, and log processing industry for over a century.

Please take into account that nearly every machine can be produced according to your needs, whether you require peeling, rounding, profiling, sawmills or screening. Conveying systems can bring single units to a complete wood processing line.

If you prefer to contact us directly for more information, please do not hesitate to do so.

Our products

Wood peelers

Wood peelers, with manual or automatic controls, for peeling or debarking various roundwood

Rounding machine

Wood rounding machines in modular designs for cylindrical or conical logs with a diameter of 30 up to 400 mm

Profiling machine

Customized industrial machines for planing and profiling

Rounding and profiling machine

Rounding and profiling in one machine to render a unique instant roundwood production

Chamfering and pointing machine

A manual or automatic customized chamfering and pointing machine meets your requirements

Conveying systems

Wood conveying systems for high-quality and long-lasting use

Perforation machine

A perforation machine for roundwood and poles


Durable, cost-effective saws for the sawmill, wood, and timber industry

Screening machine

Screening machines for fractioning sawmill residues