To convey roundwood in lumber processing operations, Bezner-Oswald offers a range of conveying systems. Every unit transports poles, logs, or roundwood in many varieties of lengths and diameters. Our scope includes:

  • chain conveyors for logs
  • belt conveyors for log in-feed and out-feed
  • waste or residue conveyors
  • buffer storage and stock conveyors
  • longitudinal chain conveyors
  • post peeler chain conveyors
  • sorting conveyors
  • step feeder (log feeder)

Of course, an automated wood processing line is composed of durable and high-quality units for roundingprofiling and chamfering in conjunction with material handling systems. Therefore, Bezner-Oswald is specialized in designing turnkey solutions for the timber industry. Besides tuning the handling capacity of the conveyors to the required dimensions of your roundwood, also the dimensions conveying machines themselves can be customized. According to your requirements, we can combine separate units into an efficient production line.

We have many options to choose from. Please contact us for personal advice and more information on wood conveyors.

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